Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Look mom, it's the black guy! Things my children say to embaress me.

It's been a long few days since I posted, but it gave me something to write about (surprised? me too).

Jess arrived on Friday. I went to pick her up 40 miles away. Her mother asked me how it was going to be with Jim gone. I simply said "quieter". Apparently, Jess has repeatedly told her mom that she wants to live with us. I don't think it sits well with her. I told her I hope Jess can come at least once a weekend while Jim is gone because they have grown to love each other. Her mom said, "I don't know, we'll see. Maybe once in a while". Ugh. See, the thing is I've really grown to love this child like she's my own. Is that wrong? She wrote a note that said, "I love you dad, I love you larel". I cried it was so sweet to see this beautiful little girl come alive. She used to want to play on the computer the entire time she was at our house. She hasn't even asked to play on it the last three or four times she's been here.

Anyway, we took the girls to the imax to see the Polar Express in 3-D. Jim and I thought they'd be SOOOO excited. We got owned. They were pissed because they wanted to see the whales and dolphins movie that was playing. So I say to Jim, "why can't they just say thanks? I mean seriously?". They ended up loving it in the end and said it got them in the mode for Christmas. They actually said mode and not mood. The thing is, it was so f*cking hot in there Jim and I both were falling asleep the entire time. It had to be 90 degrees in there. We left sweating to walk the girls down to the pier at the waterfront where Jim and I first met. It was fun.

Next day we had a fire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows on them with Lula and her family. Yes, Lula is still alive and well and crazy as ever. It's always nice having a best friend next door who understands that I'm not around as much because I'm spending time with Jim. She gets it and I appreciate that. Anyway, my sis Deeds has this friend Twan. He's hung out with us a few times and he's really funny. The girls thinks he's funny too. So Deeds, Danny (her boyfriend), and Twan pull up while we're sitting around the fire. Mad, being the honest to the point of annoyance points at Twan and says "hey, the black guy is here". Yup, she went there. I laughed and said "what's up big black man"? He just laughed, he's cool like that.

Thing is, I talk to my kids all the time about equality. Maybe too much I guess. Mad asked me what gay was because some kids were calling a little boy gay at school. She's in second grade people. I told her it was when a boy loves another boy or a girl loves another girl. She said like you love Jim? I said yes, that's how they're born and there is nothing different between the way they love and Jim and I love each other. I told them not to treat people different no matter what other people around you say. Thing is, she gets it. My best gay Jason comes around and she asked him one day if he was my gay friend. He looked like he was going to have a coronary. He just said yes. She looked at him and said "cool" and gave him a hug. You know how she is about being cool, so to her, being gay is "cool". I just think it's fabulous.

God, this is getting long. It's like after having writers block I now have verbal or typing diarrhea.

Today Jim is taking Jess back only to get her back tomorrow. So, he'll be staying with his parents and I'll get down there tomorrow night or Thursday. Let's face it, probably Thursday morning. I have alot on DVR that I need to catch up on. This is my first Thanksgiving away from my parents. I told my mom she better save me some sweet potato biscuits or I was going to disown her.

That's all for now. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I'm truly thankful that I've met all five of you who read my blog. I'm even more thankful for the ones who leave comments. Yes, I do love you more if you comment. Because that's how I roll ;p

I hope everyone eats there way into a turkey induced coma (unless you're a vegetarian than a tofurkey induced coma). I know I will be :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's all about meme

I think everyone knows that Grandma J at: http://askgrandmaj.blogspot.com/ was my inspiration to start blogging. She had a one answer meme on her blog so I stole it. Yes, this means I have nothing new to offer. But, what after Laura at: http://mylifeisapieceofcake.blogspot.com/ went through, I'll take mundane.

Where is your cell phone - two inches from my right hand

Your hair color - only god knows at this point. My color is wearing off but I usually keep it a light auburn.

Your mother - is at work at hospice. She's an angel.

Favorite thing - staying home ALONE on a cold rainy day in my sweats and blanket with a good book

Your dream last night - hot, steamy sex with Harrison Ford

Your dream goal - to have hot, steamy sex with Harrison Ford

The room you're in - my office. ugh

Your hobby - reality tv. I know it's terrible but I can't help it.

Your fear - losing Jim

Where do you want to be in 6 years - finished with college teaching in an elementary school

Where were you last night - in jail for attempted murder with a screwdriver

What you're not - skinny. damn you skinny bitches

One of your wish list items - the anne of green gables set of dvds

Where you grew up - upstate new york

The last thing you did - typed the above line

What are you wearing - nothing, today is nude day at work

Your TV- flat

Your pet- a short tail minx named jojo who is OBSESSED with eating.

Your computer -Hewlett Packard

Your mood - cranky

Missing someone - Marjorie (although I'm having lunch with her and two friends today...on the clock)

Your car - focus

Something you're not wearing - underpants...kidding

Favorite shop - target

Your summer - too short

Love someone - yes

Favorite color - green

When you last laughed - today

When you last cried - today

I know I used too many words for it to be one word but I'm a rule breaker. I'm a wild child. It's how I roll.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I can't help it, I'm extremely addicted...

to CHRISTMAS! Jim and I have been spring cleaning in the winter. I've wanted to punch him in the face only 6 times which is not bad considering we've been cleaning, organizing, putting up new blinds and hooks everywhere...TOGETHER.

Have you ever seen Mine, Yours, and Ours? That's us. I'm free spirited and he's all military. Everything has to be ship shape! Staying up until 10:30 pm (last night!) is not my idea of fun. We've been going on doing this for eight days straight. I'M TIRED.

All this does have a point. We're making room for my Christmas decorations. I hoard them. At least they're in a storage building. My main obsession: snowmen. I can't get enough of them. When I go to unpack them I'll have to photo them and show you what I'm talking about. But, I still need more. I really neeeeeed them. It's truly sick.

I see that my comments have taken a downward spiral. That makes me grumpy too. Where did all my people go? I know I've been depressing but dayum! All you bloggers know you love comments. I do too.

Anyhoo, tonight I'm going to try not to punch Jim in the face. That's my main focus (other than cleaning and taking care of children). If he starts getting bossy on how to "properly" use a hammer to get a screw started I'll tell him where to stick that hammer with a smile on my face ;)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do you ever feel like you're in an episode of Charlie Brown?

I don't know if it's because of all the preparation that goes into getting a person ready to go to war, but I have zero attention span to anything else. Other than Jim and my three girls I hear basically nothing. With seven weeks to go I can't think. Everyone that talks to me sounds like the teacher in Charlie Brown. Wah wah wah wah wah wah.

Sunday we had an all out fabulous day. We went to the zoo, then the creative discovery museum, then to TGIFridays, and then the aquarium. The girls had so much fun. They're thick as thieves now. It was so nice to walk around holding hands with Jim watching the girls have the time of their lives. Jess told us at lunch she wants to live with us. I think that made Jims' year. It made me happy too, she also told me she loved me for the first time.

I know I'm not being hilarious or telling great stories like the people to my right do, but I'm in a tunnel. All I see is him leaving. I'm trying to enjoy every second until then. We're actually going to go stay at the Chattanooga Choo Choo for two nights in one of the train cars this weekend. No kids, just us. We don't get alot of that. We'll just act like tourists on vacation and enjoy ourselves.

I hope all is well with all of you. Much love

Friday, November 7, 2008

Apparently I had a guest poster...

Jim wrote me a sweet note below while I was sleeping last night. I have the computer remember all my passwords so I guess that's how he got on. I thought it was sweet :)
My Love,

I love you more and more with each passing day,

I hope that you will continue to grow and grow,

and remember that when life gets you down,

to just smile that winning smile

and remember how much I love you.

And tonight, and every night from now on

When you tuck our Daughters into bed,

Give them a kiss, and a special hug,

and remind them how much

that Daddy loves them !

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What happened to the land of the free and home to gays?

WTF happened in Ca, Fl, AK last night?

California and Florida said no to gay marriage. Arkansas said no to same sex couples adopting. Again...WTF?

As gleeful as I am knowing Obama is our president elect I have to reflect on the fact that it's a good day for the general population, and a bad day for civil rights. What's going to happen next? Are we going to have water fountains with signs that say "homosexual" and "heterosexual" over them? Are we going to have gay and straight buses? I'll take the gay bus, I'm sure it would be much more fabulous ;p

Mad wanted to watch the results coverage. I told her it was going to be a long night and just go watch I-Carly. She looked at me like I was insane. She said, " mama what is more important, cartoons or this election?". My child she is.

I have lots on my mind today, I will have to continue later.

Regardless of who you voted for it's time for us to come together as a country and work as one. I hope laws will change to where every human being on this planet will be treated equally.

Update 3:46pm eastern time:

"Roughly 400,000 votes separate yes from no on Prop 8 – out of 10 million votes tallied.
Based on turnout estimates reported yesterday, we expect that there are more than 3 million and possibly as many as 4 million absentee and provisional ballots yet to be counted.

Given that fundamental rights are at stake, we must wait to hear from the Secretary of State tomorrow how many votes are yet to be counted as well as where they are from.

It is clearly a very close election and we monitored the results all evening and this morning.
As of this point, the election is too close to call.

Because Prop 8 involves the sensitive matter of individual rights, we believe it is important to wait until we receive further information about the outcome.

Geoff KorsExecutive Committee NO on Prop 8

Kate KendellExecutive CommitteeNO on Prop 8"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go vote or shut the f@&( up for the next four years!

I've been off doing some work with the local Obama campaign. Sorry I've not been around. I'm not going to sit here and tell you who to vote for. That would be stupid of me. On the other hand, since I apparently do stoopid things on a regular basis, please vote for:
Barack OBAMA!

Ever since the first time I ever voted (for Al Gore) I've felt a sense of despondency when it comes to elections. I felt like I didn't count that year. That many of us didn't count. I often wonder how would things be different now?

This year my hope has returned. I may be blind, but this year I truly believe we have the right man to do the job. He has a hell of a job in front of him. One.Hell.Of.A.Job.

Anyway, I fractured my ankle last weekend floating like a swan (walking from my house to my sister's back door) and ended up falling over a log. I even ate pavement. It was awesome. My doctor thinks I have serious issues. I insist I'm graceful and he knows I'm not. Evidenced by when I fell off that stupid examination table. I hate when the paper gets stuck to my ass. So, yes I have some Lortab (thank God for that stuff) in my system and I'm great.

Anyway, today is Green Life Tuesday with Marjorie! YAY!!!!!!! We may have to go have a drink (on the clock) to celebrate today. I may be the bad older sister and talk her into going to T-Bones (with a bar) and have drinks with lunch.

Confession: I'm obsessed with "Womanizer" by Brit Brit Spears. I can't get it out of mah head. What shall I do?

Confession: I wrapped my ankle too tight with an ace bandage and now have a bruise and a blister to thank me for it.

Confession: I wanted to tell everyone to vote for Obama while I was waiting in line. Correction: I wanted to scream it.

Confession: I really don't dislike anyone who thinks differently than I do when it comes to politics. Unless they're those vote yes on prop8 people. I don't like them very much. Seriously, that is what this country is all about. Being able to vote for who we want.

Confession: I'm addicted to the show "Heroes". Sci-fi at its' best. Last night the SNL Presidential blast was on so I watched that instead. I <3 Tina Fey!

Happy Election Day!

We went to the Southern Star and had soup and half - sandwhiches with some good ole' bud light. Cheers to todays' victory