Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Values - I got tagged from The Jason Show :)

Six things I value:
  1. My family. From the closest - Jim and my girls all the way to my parents, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, you get the point. I love having a day surrounded by my family. It makes me happy (until they start getting on my nerves :)

  2. My friends. I don't have many, but the ones I have I've had for a while. It's not easy being my friend. Sometimes I'm a bit reclusive and I forget to call people. Them sticking by me means alot to me.

  3. Freedom. I'm grateful that I have freedom of speech. I'm grateful for freedom of choice. I'm looking forward to more states giving EVERYONE the right to marry the person they love. I am looking forward to this country becoming a better place to live.

  4. My job. I'm looking forward to going back to school soon. Once I can afford it. I don't make a sh*t load of money. We barely get by. But, we are getting by and alot of people aren't. That is something I'm thankful for.

  5. I value (I share this with Jason) time alone. Don't get me wrong, I love being with Jim and the girls, but everyone needs some quiet time. At least every six months right? One day to be selfish. To sleep in as late as I want, to curl up and read a good book, or maybe watch a good movie. I don't have many of those days, but I vaguely remember what they're like.

  6. I value the time I have left with Jim. 18 months is a damn long time. I will cherish each nano second from now till then.

Six things I don't value:

  1. I certainly don't value ignorant, bigoted, rude "people". I can't stand the people with the ugly bumper stickers like man +woman=marriage. That just makes me want to rear end you. How is that good? I can't stand the people that says Women don't have the right to make decisions over their own body. It makes me furious when people think torture is "ok". The list could go on forever. You catch my drift (Sarah Palin).

  2. I don't value the parents who don't take care of their kids. Mad asked if she could trick or treat with a friend. She said I won't even have to wear my costume, we're just going to put on short skirts, tank tops, and heels! Really, are you going to srsly dress your kid up as a hooker just so they think you're "cool"? Mad is 8, she thinks I'm cool because I can talk like a valley girl and I like project runway. I'm not going to let her dictate how she dresses (if it's not tasteful) just to be cool. Also, the ones that let their kids wander the neighborhood. I live in a nice neighborhood, but I don't let my kids outside without me. I know where the registered sex offenders live. I know they're out there. I could go on, but once again you catch my drift.

  3. I don't value bad drivers AT ALL. If you want to drive 20 miles under the speed limit, just pull over and let us get by damn it! Please, if you're going to make a turn, put on your BLINKER. I hate slamming on my brakes because you don't brake till the last second and then squeal your car into that turn. If you can't stay in your lane, don't drive. Again, you get what I'm saying.

  4. I don't value spam. I hate coming and opening my inbox after the weekend and having 498 spam messages. That's just the ones in my spam box. I have an additional 200 in my inbox. If I want to buy some sex toys, I'll just google it, okay?

  5. I don't value having to do other peoples' job. I wouldn't mind it if you said thanks, but I find this rarely happens.

  6. I don't value the grocery bagger at the grocery store putting meat in with my vegetables. I now do my own bagging, so back away from the produce!

Thanks to the fantastic Jason at The Jason Show for tagging me. I now have to tag six others.

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Update: I screwed up the links, but they are all to the right of the screen. Sorry, I'm used to myspazz linkage and can't figure out how to do it properly here (with just the name linking to the site).

Sorry I'm stoopid :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

82 days until my hero leaves...let me take the time to introduce you

This is Jim. My GI Joe. My all American hero. The one I've been waiting for since I was a little girl. We met a little over a year ago. He was last years birthday present. See how he's so cool he can cover he has two sets of eyes? You never would have known. He's become a dad to my two girls and gifted us with his daughter. We've become a real family. Now I have to face the fact he's leaving for a year and a half. Just when I found him.

That's Em loving up Jim at the Aquarium. You can see how much she loves this guy. She likes to tackle him. He loves football and let's face it, she could be a tackler (I don't know what that position is, I'm still being educated on football). He's stern but gentle. Always telling jokes with her.

That's Jim and Mad. Mad was crying one night because she was frustrated with some new math. Jim told me to step off and let him handle it. He pretended to not know how to do 2nd grade math to make her feel better and laugh. He then got her to show him how it's done, thus helping her with her homework. He insists they have popcorn everynight before they go to bed with their movie, even though I thought it was absurd.

Then, we of course have Jessie. I've never seen the love and devotion from a dad that Jim has for her. He calls her every night. He sees her as much, as often, and for as long as he can. She's the carbon copy of her dad. You can tell she thinks he's the funniest person in the world. You can also see he's her hero. I love to watch them walking hand in hand. Bonded forever.

Em is Ginger Spice (I've come up with one for all)

Mad is Posh Spice.

Jess is Sporty Spice.

One of the many reasons I love Jim is because I can go out of the house with no makeup on. Thank God he's Scottish and is red faced too. But look >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
how does one face shine so terribly? After seeing this I decided to start with the foundation again. He can look at that >> and still love me and want to jump my bones all the time lol.

Anyway, thanks for all the well wishes. I have some funny stories but I feel bad cussing with alot of pics of my kids.

Peace and love to all my friends!

P.S. happy birthday Mad :) Now you're 8 and I'm old.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

8 days...

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. It's been kinda crazazy.

I found out last week that GI Joe is leaving for Afghanistan for 18 months. That's a fracking year and a half. He's also leaving on January 5th. On top of that his company is replacing the one out of NY that has had the most casualties in Afghanistan. Not only does he only have less than 90 days before he leaves, he still has to spend about 30 of those training. For example: he's leaving on Friday for 16 days. He'll be gone during his 40th birthday (yes, he's 10 years older than me). Now we can't even do the black cake. It wouldn't be as funny. Maybe my friend Laura : http://mylifeisapieceofcake.blogspot.com/ can come up with a good idea. She is a cake GENIUS. I'm a good cook, but my guy is better and gets annoyed when I try to help (tell him how to do it that is).

I've known that he was leaving. I just didn't know it would be this soon or for this long. I asked him last night if there was something I could wear of his every day while he was gone. He suggested his underwear. I suggested a pin or something. He said I could wear his sabers that go on his cavalry stetson.

I know I'm rambling. It's alot to take in.

We had a really good weekend. I'll be back tonight (hopefully unless I die from pilates) to post some pics of my family at the Zoo, Aquarium, and TGIFridays. I know you're dying to see the exciting pics so I'll do my best to get them up tonight.

We're living each day the best we can. I've even relinquished the tv privileges to him. Because I'm awesome like that.

Peace out peeps,

Monday, October 6, 2008


Saturday was alot of fun. We all laughed and drank around a fire (yes, I went there).

Sunday was not so great. I still can't stop crying so I'm not going to talk about it now. Just say a prayer for my family. Gi Joe got home from drill last night to deliver the bad news. Say a big prayer for him.

That's all I can do right now. The tears although cathartic, won't stop and yes, I'm at work :(

Friday, October 3, 2008

Golly Gee Willickers

Palin talks like a genuine member of the Flanders family. Dontcha know? We played Palin bingo last night. It was fun. She scares me less every time I hear her speak. She comes off as this sweet hockey mom. She really is someone who decided to remain friends with someone who made the "choice" to be gay. Isn't that sooooo sweet of her? She rides in helicopters with automatic rifles to shoot wolves. Isn't that nice? She believes Roe vs. Wade should be overturned. Make you warm and fuzzy? She didn't know what Brown vs The Board of Education was. Make you excited?

Me Neither.

Anyway, sorry about the rant. I.CAN'T.HELP.IT.

Today two of my girls go to visit their dad and grandmother in NC. I'm not looking forward to that. That's all I have to say about that.

Let's get to the good part. I turn 30 on Sunday. GI Joe has drill this weekend so I'll have the house ALL TO MYSELF! PARTAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lula, Marjorie, Peter, Heather, Deeds, and I don't know who else are going over for a slumber party. We will have cosmos and wine and laugh until we pass out. All please say your prayers for me in advance for Sunday morning.

I've really enjoyed getting to know my fellow bloggers. If you look to the right, you'll see who I follow. They're all great and I get a laugh during my morning check in on them.

I hope you all have a great weekend. By golly, I know I sure will :)


Thursday, October 2, 2008

I <3 David Letterman

Last night, the awesome late night talk show host rattled off the “Top Ten Things Overheard at Sarah Palin’s Debate Camp”.

10 — “Let’s practice your bewildered silence”

9 — “Can you try saying ‘Yes’ instead of ‘You betcha’?”

8 –” Hey, I can see Mexico from here!”

7 — “Maybe we’ll get lucky and there won’t be any questions about Iraq, taxes, or health care”

6 — “We’re screwed!”

5 — “Can I just use that lipstick-pit bull thing again?”

4 — “We have to wrap it up for the day — McCain eats dinner at 4:30″

3 — “Can we get Congress to bail us out of this debate?”

2 — “John Edwards wants to know if you’d like some private tutoring in his van”

1 — “Any way we can just get Tina Fey to do it?”

HAHA! I can't wait for the debates tonight!

Peace out,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I don't have much going on today, buttttt I'll bore you with it anyway. For all of YOU bubble butts who are obviously rubbing it in that I have a pancake ass, well never mind. I love the fact people actually come by. Let's face it. I'm desperate. You can call me anything you want as long as you come by (I'm pathetic and not ashamed).

I'm going to do my first class of Pilate's today. We'll see how long it takes me to bust one of those cords and have the end smack me in the face.

I can't wait for tomorrow. The debate that will fill my heart full of laughter (at least that's what I'm expecting).

I think I'll send a shout out to: http://exeverything.blogspot.com/ because she's really funny and had a bad day. She also has a bubble butt. UNLIKE ME.

GI Joe has done his duty and told me my butt looks rounder since I've been working out. He's lying and I know it. Butt he has to do it right?

Peace out peeps,
Laurel (aka pancake ass)