Wednesday, October 15, 2008

82 days until my hero leaves...let me take the time to introduce you

This is Jim. My GI Joe. My all American hero. The one I've been waiting for since I was a little girl. We met a little over a year ago. He was last years birthday present. See how he's so cool he can cover he has two sets of eyes? You never would have known. He's become a dad to my two girls and gifted us with his daughter. We've become a real family. Now I have to face the fact he's leaving for a year and a half. Just when I found him.

That's Em loving up Jim at the Aquarium. You can see how much she loves this guy. She likes to tackle him. He loves football and let's face it, she could be a tackler (I don't know what that position is, I'm still being educated on football). He's stern but gentle. Always telling jokes with her.

That's Jim and Mad. Mad was crying one night because she was frustrated with some new math. Jim told me to step off and let him handle it. He pretended to not know how to do 2nd grade math to make her feel better and laugh. He then got her to show him how it's done, thus helping her with her homework. He insists they have popcorn everynight before they go to bed with their movie, even though I thought it was absurd.

Then, we of course have Jessie. I've never seen the love and devotion from a dad that Jim has for her. He calls her every night. He sees her as much, as often, and for as long as he can. She's the carbon copy of her dad. You can tell she thinks he's the funniest person in the world. You can also see he's her hero. I love to watch them walking hand in hand. Bonded forever.

Em is Ginger Spice (I've come up with one for all)

Mad is Posh Spice.

Jess is Sporty Spice.

One of the many reasons I love Jim is because I can go out of the house with no makeup on. Thank God he's Scottish and is red faced too. But look >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
how does one face shine so terribly? After seeing this I decided to start with the foundation again. He can look at that >> and still love me and want to jump my bones all the time lol.

Anyway, thanks for all the well wishes. I have some funny stories but I feel bad cussing with alot of pics of my kids.

Peace and love to all my friends!

P.S. happy birthday Mad :) Now you're 8 and I'm old.


Grandma J said...

We are a military family here at Ft. Hood. I moved here when I retired last year to be close to my daughter and her family. They are career military, and are deeply rooted right here. My SIL is going for his third deployment in January, he had two tours to Korea sandwiched in between. I never miss an opportunity to thank him for his service and affording us the freedoms we have.
May the goo Lord watch over your husband and all our service men and women. Don't soldiers make the best fathers ever?

Laurels word said...


For those of you who don't know. Grandma J is the first blog I stumbled upon. Ever. She was so funny, I decided to try. Although I'm nowhere near as funny she is my inpiration for starting this little bloggy of mine. I can't believe she has read mine now. I think I will faint.

Now that I'm breathing again, thanks for coming by Grandma J. I'll keep your SIL in my prayers. They sound as if they're leaving about the same time.

And yes, I do believe soldiers make some of the best dads :)

(I'm still swooning)

*breathe* *breathe*

Laura said...

It is pleasure to "meet you" all. Now, I can match the faces to my prayers.

Laurels word said...

I figured I'd do a blog with some pics. I feel like a looooser when I see all the other blogs with all the pretty pictures. I wish I hadn't posted that pic of me. The pic on my profile is me (just with make up and a flat iron). Thanks Laura :) xoxo

Leendaluu said...

I'm with Laura..great to 'meet you' and you look fabulous au naturel (god bless flat irons).

Glad there are not four daughters so that one would have to be 'Scary Spice' ;-)

Laurels word said...

I'm scary spice. I should have mentioned that. Jim is baby spice. He cut his hand at work yesterday and they sent him to the doctor. He whined all night (ugh). I said "you're in the military. What do you do when you're out there?". He said "we rub some dirt in it and then pee on it". Why couldn't he have just done that here? Baby spice he is.

Katy said...

Well that sucks. I can't think of one solitary thing to say other than that.

And any friend of Jason's is a friend of mine. (Especially one who is willing to bitch-slap McCain with me!)

Good luck!

Laurels word said...

Katy, I srsly luv Jason. I don't know why. He's just real. He's kinda like a celebrity crush for me. I know he's married to a wonderful man, but I just think he's great. I'm not a stalker, just a fan.

Believe me, anyone who is a friend of Jason's and wants to bitch-slap McPalin is an awesome friend of mine :)

Pumpkin Delight said...

What a beautiful family!

I hear ya on the skin issue. I don't know how my Irish skin can be pink AND pale at the same time. It's just not fair!

Laurels word said...

Believe me, I know. I wish I had flawless glowing skin. But, alas I don't. Oh well :)