Thursday, September 11, 2008

Greenlife Thursday yayyyy!

Today on my quest to qet healthier, Marj and I had our weekly lunch get together at Green life. I'll say it just once, it's an organic grocery store that also serves organic and healthy lunch. This is what I had:

Spinach salad with baby tomatoes, cucumbers, tuna, shredded parmasian cheese and some other stuff thrown on. I also had some of this:

Yumm, fruit salad (does anyone else remember the Wiggles singing this song?). For desert I had this:

Gelato: I've never had it before. The girl at the store said there is 90% less fat in gelato than in ice cream. I though I'd try some simple vanilla bean. It was good! I hope that b*tch didn't lie to me!

Anyway, I'm back at work *argh*! Drinking this:

Ha, I thought that was funny.

Btw, the BR ocd is getting worse. Now after I check the door a few (hundred) times, once I get to the toilet, I have to turn around and check it again. Someone had left a stray "hair" on the wall next to the toilet yesterday. Note: I'm drinking alot of water. I had to go to my doctors office (which is down the road and I've done this before) to go pee! I CAN NOT go in a bathroom when I feel it's not up to par. I'm a squatter, but what if that "hair" started to climb up the wall and jump on my arm? I'd DIE.RIGHT.THERE.

Sorry for the potty talk, but it's driving me CRAZY!

Sorry I didn't post for a week, sometimes I just don't feel like writing anything.

Love ya lots!


Biddy said...

haha i think we are kindred spirits!

i hate public bathrooms! ESPECIALLY ones that aren't operating room sanitized!

mmmmm gelato! i fell in love with that stuff when i went to italy my junior year of high school. it's so freakin good!

and by the way? my ringtone on my cell phone is my 5 year old nephew singing "fruit salad, yummy yummy!"

Laurels word said...

The wiggles make me *cringe*

My kids LOVED them though and I'm a sucker mom.

The bathroom thing gets worse by the day, I haven't been in the work bathroom in almost a week.

Thanks for coming by biddy!