Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Yesterday I got some interesting news from my SEVEN year old Mad.

For a bit of back story:

I went from work to the gym yesterday (I had the forethought to bring a change of clothes). My favorite elliptical wasn't open, so I decided to be daring and try out a treadmill. I won't be doing that again. It's not fun and I feel like at any second I'm going to be thrown off. I also think that at any time my foot will hit the side instead of the belt and I'll fall off. Yes, I'm graceful like that. Anyway, my machine opened up and I hopped on that.

When I got home sweaty and stinky, Mad came up to me and told me I stunk. I said really? Will you smell my other armpit and see if it stinks too or is it just the one that stinks? Yes, I'm a weird mom like that. I like to torture my children for sh*ts and giggles. She did it and then pretended like she was gagging. In the course of this I noticed she had a cute little ring on her finger I hadn't noticed before.

I said, "Mad who gave you that ring?". She replied that her BOYFRIEND had given it to her. I asked her what boyfriend and why hadn't she told me before? She looked me straight in the eyes and told me she was waiting to tell me when I was sweaty and stunk like a dirty foot. Yes, she went there on me. I then proceeded to drag her in the kitchen to show GI Joe. After we prodded her about this new BOYFRIEND, GI Joe said quite simply: he won't be in school tomorrow. She said "why not?". He said because I'm going to find him and interview him. She said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

At this point we were trying to stifle the laughs (and not doing that good at it). She was freaking out thinking he was going to show up at her school in his military uniform with his m-16 to interrogate her new boyfriend. Well, we decided the jig was up and told her to chillax, we'd wait until a school party and discreetly do it :)

Kids are so funny.


Kellan said...

Funny story!

Thanks for stopping by my site - nice to see you. Hope to see you again soon - Kellan

Anonymous said...

OMG! My Jacob will be crushed. He decided Madd would be his GF until you and GI Joe got divorced and he can marry you. He is going to be so upset.
BTW you are killing me with all of your discipline, and working out , and eating right! For goodness sakes I am about to come over their and bring you some blueberry cream pie icecream!
Love Ya !

Laurels word said...

Kellan, you are a blogging genius! Thanks for coming by!

Lula, if you bring blueberry pie ice cream over I will take it and beat you with it. I MEAN IT!

Jacob will survive. Mad has already lost the ring (at recess) lol.

Peace out,

Leendaluu said...

heeee. You made me spit coffee on my keyboard. I think you are in the lead. Thanks for your entry!

Laurels word said...

hooray! I REALLY want that cup!