Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just so you know, I hate excercising. I'm not one of those people who live for it. I've worked out three days in a row now. My brain hates it, but my body loves it. I always feel better after I get off that damn eliptical machine that tortures me. It's that love-hate relationship.

I started back because let's face it, I haven't been in a few days (months actually). I started putting on a few in the midsection especially. Now that I'm getting older that is where the fat seems to gravitate.

GI Joe and I are on a mission for fitness. We pack small meals for the next day at work. We're excercising and getting into a routine. Now I'm not in the house until about 6:45 and that sucks. But, I'm sure that being a good example for the little ones is a good thing.

Enough about that, I can't believe McCane and Palin gained points in the polls! Double ugh!

Peace out,

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