Monday, September 1, 2008

It's Labor Day...

and I'm at work.

I'm going to rant about something really quick because I keep seeing this crazy persons pics everywhere. Sarah Palin: VP nominee for John McCane (I'm keeping it that way).

Alright, according to her and Johnny boy because I'm a woman and Hillary didn't make it in, I'm now supposed to vote for her. Set aside the fact that she is against everything I stand for (equality, woman's' rights, ending the war) I'm still apparently supposed to vote for her.

She stated that we (as women) still have a chance to make history. We should swing from supporting Obama because now we have a woman to vote for. Personally, I think Barack made a mistake with not bringing in Hillary. But, let's face it, in the world we live in now we have to find the lesser of evils. Most politicians are shady. We just have to find the one we have the most in common with and trust they won't f*#k it up too much.

I was inspired by Obama in his speech last Thursday. I felt a renewed sense of hope. Unrealistic? Maybe. But it is my right to live in that delusional world.

Rant over, continue on.


Anonymous said...

Lula here I think you are right on about Mccane's running mate. I didn't take the time to learn her name because personally I think choicing her ahad everything to do with trying to win and nothing to do with politics. I am not political at all and I think that is why laurel and I are still friends..LOL. But even as someone who doesn't follow politics as a rule saw right through mccanes choice. Hillery was choosen as the democratic running mate (personally I'm glad) but My first thought was MCcane chose a woman for strategy. Believing without hillary with obamah he would increase his following if he chose a woman. 'Guess what? Even this Politicallt Stupid Person Saw what he was trying'. So good lucky getting the more intelligent people to swing to the other side.
see ya!
PS McCain's stand on (C)NAFTA, and his lack of faith in this american's intelligents, falls too short of who I want leading the country I live in. So thank U McCain, Obamah has another vote!

Laurels word said...

I swear to God, I think he made the biggest mistake! But I'm glad he did :)