Thursday, August 21, 2008


Before I get serious about my book (I've been doing online research how to publish) I need to learn how to be grammarically (I think I made that up) correct. As most of you know I'm DYING to publish a sexy murder/mystery/thriller book. I read all the time and listen to books at work (to keep my mind off work).

Anyway, after reviewing my writing I seem to veer in all sorts of directions. Problem is, I write how I think, which is all over the place. Apparently to be a popular novelist you shouldn't lose people by hopping subject to subject. I also make up words and like to blend.them.together. I don't know why.

Anyway, today was picture day at school. They made it extra "exciting" this year by letting us pick out the background color. You have read what my kids are like right? Mad wanted green. Em wanted purple. You think no big deal right? WRONG! We had to color coordinate the clothes with the background. OY VAY! So, how long did it take? 45 MINUTES!!!!! To pick out two outfits for two beautiful little girls who have tooooo much clothes thanks to grandma (not being sarcastic, I really appreciate it since MAD can't wear the same outfit twice in TWO WEEKS).

Anyway, it's 4:45pm here. I guess I'm supposed to be working. Or I could play solitaire!

C-Ya L8r

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