Thursday, August 21, 2008

My three girls

This is the youngest Em. In front of her dollhouse. Her eyes will melt your heart. I did mention how she is the sweetest.child.ever.

This is the middle MAD. She's sucked her thumb since she was in my tummy. I'm going to have bills out the butt for the dentist. But look at those eyes...and cheeks :)

This is the oldest Jes...celebrating her dad. She has frosting on her lips. Contrary to the pics, she DOESN"T like watermelon. See how they all resemble each other?
I love these girls. Oh.MY.GOD. Gi JOE and I are going to have ALOT of trouble on our hands!


Anonymous said...

Since I have had the pleasure of being around your three girls, I know you have your hands full. But you never show it,at least not in front of them. You are a totally cool mom. I think in a few years, you will have to have GI Joe posted outside the front door to keep the boys away.

take it easy chic,

Laurels word said...

I try to be the "cool" mom, but I insist on embaressing them at least once a day. Mad had to drag me out of a store one day so I wouldn't tell the bagger that she thought he was "cute".