Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is what having girls do to you.

Ok, as I mentioned I have 3 beautiful girls. Two biologically mine, one is emotionally mine to claim :)

Jes is my handsome boyfriends' daughter who ironically looks like my other two so when I'm out with them all I look like the crazy lady who just had three girls back to back. Anyhoo, Jes turned 8 in January. She is one of the smartest kids EVER. Swear it. If my computer was to go down, she'd probably be the one to call rather than the cable company. She also has freckles like me. LOVE her. Unfortunately she only gets to come over every other weekend throughout the school year. We had her alot over the summer though :)

Mad is next. She will be 8 in October. Mad is the biggest diva to walk the face of this earth. Example: I laid my younger two girls clothes out. Mad took a look and looked at me like I was INSANE. I asked her what I did wrong. She said, "but mom I wore that the first day of school"! I simply asked, but that was 12 days ago honey. Her eyes bugged out even more! She exclaimed, "I can't wear the same outfit twice in two weeks, that's not COOL"! Remember, she is seven and told me when she was five that the diva colors are: Brown, Teal, Pink, Purple, and black. Also very smart, been top in her class since kindergarden every year.

Em is next. She just turned 6 in July. Can I just say Em is the coolest most laid back kid EVER. She loves to give hugs and share (most of the time). Em is an AVID collector of the amazing "littlest pet shop" creatures. I swear she has 100 of them and four of their houses. She has 3 of the ones that you can play with online, and so much other lps crap I can't even remember them all. Anyway, Em has recently caught Mads' fashion bug. She wants to wear dresses or skirts EVERYDAY. She cracks me up. I'm very lucky to have their grandmother that buys them so much clothes or I'd be up a creek without a paddle.

GI Joe is next. That's my dear boyfriend / fiance' who moved in with me in January. It's been a transition for both of us being independent for so long, but I'll admit it, I like having him around. He has three personalities. The first being military mode. That's when he is serious, stubborn, and gets things done. The second is daddy mode. I've had rare occasion to see a man who treats his kids so good. He is stern when he has to be, but in truth, all those blue eyes usually melt him and he is fussing at me for being too hard. When Mad was doing homework last week and I was trying to show her a math trick she got upset because she was having a hard time getting it (perfectionist). GI JOE told me to back off he didn't like seeing her cry. So here he comes to her rescue pretending he didn't know how to do second grade math to make her laugh and feel better. The third is silly mode. I recently met a bunch of his military buddies and spent the night near their base. I'll just say this. If you dare to do something...They're GOING to do it. By the end of the night, my GI JOE was naked in the hotel pool (he did have his military helmet on though) and his friend was walking around the hotel in what I call man panties and a sarong.

Tomorrow I'll start on my family. I have a large one. Four sisters, two brothers, three nephews, and two nieces. I have the parents as well, and best friends that are like family.

As my first post, I don't know exactly what I'm going to do with this. We'll see :)

Peace out peeps


Laurels word said...

I'll leave my own comment and say that I think I'm hilarious. And beautiful. Thanks to all my friends and family who flocked here when I emailed them letting them know that I'd started the blog (not) and left all those comments (which apparently they didn't do).

A Radical Whig in Chattanooga said...

Just be nice to your parents!!!!

Laurels word said...

thanks dad!

Laurels word said...

And I'm always nice to my parents, they're the best.

nikki said...

well this is from you truly best friend (who by the way never gets to check her email b/c L&J always have the computer). FEEL THE LOVE!
I promise to leave my kids to you in my will..LOL