Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some known facts about me...

Ok, I admit I have a few mental issues when it comes to certain things. For example: I can't be around ANYONE who chews with their mouths open, smacks, talks with food in their mouth, or breaths loudly while eating without having a major PANIC ATTACK.

From What I understand, I've been like that since childhood. My loving mom tells me that I used to yell at my sisters "QUIT SMACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Since then I've adopted some other things that make me cuss (if the kids aren't in the immediate vacinity), sweat, and make my heart feel like its going to EXPLODE.

Let's talk about that 98yr old person driving that you get behind EVERY.DAY. You know, the one with the huge cadillac so you can't see around it? The one who swerves in the other lane randomly scaring the bejesus out of others??? The one who goes 25 miles an hour (not kidding) in a 45 MPH zone?????????????????????? *Deep Breath* *Again* Okay.

I understand that they need to get around too, but that is what we children are for right? My mom has developed this habit of locking her keys in her car lately. Does she call the insurance provider? No, she calls me at work. Do I mind? Never. Because my mom is nutty like that and it is one of the many things we share. Last week she locked them in her car at her office. So I leave work and go to her house to get her spare, I then bring the spare to my mom. What does she walk out of the office with? A cocunut cream pie. That's why she locked her keys in the car (she put the keys on the seat to get the pie). She comes out smiling ear to ear and says would you like the rest of this pie? I think to myself she's buying me off with pie! Love her.

That's kinda like my meditation I guess to calm down (that's me speaking in the Yoda language). I find myself driving home one second cussing some other driver (quietly as I do not want to get shot) and the next laughing because I'm thinking of something funny my family did/said. I guess having split/multiple personalities does have some advantages.

TTFN Peace out

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