Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just because...

I'm going to talk about one of my sisters' because she just emailed me and told me to be nice if I do. I guess she doesn't know what the comment button is for. Well, we will call her...Marjorie hahahahahaha. Marj is 19 months younger than I am. Marj is in most ways the polar opposite of me. She's skinny, outgoing, she.never.slows.down. Watching her makes me tired sometimes. So, what's something funny I can share about ol' Marj...

When Marj and I were growing up we were a bit of trouble makers when on a crucade against people who were mean to one of us (all the sisters). Marj had a classmate that neither of us liked. She would go around saying she was Anna Nicole Smiths' cousin and had slept with Jean Claud Van Damnthat name is long. She also told untrue stories about my Marj. One night Marj, our friend Jen, and I decided to have some fun with her. We named ourselves Bonnie, Bonnie, and Bonnie (there was no Clyde to accompany us).

About midnight we packed up a few rolls of toilet paper, some bologna, and eggs. Mind you I was 17 she was 15 so we knew it was wrong, just thought it was too funny to not do it. We drove over and first toilet papered the house, then put bologna on a car and finished it off with throwing eggs at the house and running as fast as we could to the getaway car.

The girl suspected us but could never prove it. Bonnie, Bonnie, and Bonnie had luck.

All that being said, now as an almost 30 year old adult, I don't regret it. I still know it was wrong, but when I think about it all I hear is Marj and me laughing so hard I thought we'd pee all over ourselves.

I'll teach my kids to do better and not to do those kinds of things...because I'm responsible now LOL.

Marjorie is her middle name and she hates it. That's why I'll be calling her that from here on out.

XOXO to you Marj


Anonymous said...

Thanks. This is great, No one will ever expect it was me. Don't forget that the Candy liar said she was going to finger print the eggshells we threw at her house. How many houses in all do you think we toilet-papered? 20?, 50?

Laurels word said...

Oh anonymous, Marj don't be ashamed! And yes, I'm sure it's between 20-50 but I'm trying to appear to be a sane responsible adult in the blogging community. Everyone who know me knows that I'm completely sane with no sense of humor. Don't ruin that MARJORIE!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I knew you were nuts, but I never thought you belived you were sane...LOL

Luv ya