Friday, August 22, 2008

I have an insane neighbor that I love

My insane neighbor "Lula" (because that's a crazy name) just emailed me and told her that I needed more "dirt" on here. Well, I'm going to give her the dirt...on her hahahahahahahaha (the evil sounding laugh). I met Lula a few years back when Marjorie was living next to her. I instantly found her amusing. On one of my first encounters she was coming to Marjories' house to show her fake nipple rings (they were not attached). She was dating her ex-husband (who recently moved back in) and she talked LOUD.

Because I'm a bit on the loca side as well, I like her. Since I've moved in next door she's become one of my greatest friends. When I'm sick, she comes over and takes care of me (because I'm a big baby). When I get sunburnned (which is often because I'm stoopid) she rubs the aloe gel on my back. When I went on my first date with my GI Joe she watched my kids for me. Last Christmas we (me and Lula) went on our first date. We went to her Company party (she wasn't seeing her ex. now not.ex then) on the Southern Belle. It's a dinner cruise boat here in Chattanooga. She told me she likes ex - sex. Truth is, I don't think she ever got over her ex (I was right)(as always).

There is alot more juicy dirt, but I have to do some work because I've been here: all day. I swear reading blogs has become an addiction. I get sooooo bored at work that I can't stand it. And I have to do something or my brain takes over.

Well, I know I have Lula that reads my blog. Crazy follows Crazy.

Luv ya Lula <3


Lula said...

OKAY!number one the fake name din't help, because everyone knows who your crazy neighbor is!second you left out who ended up with those nipple rings,ha! I believe it was Marge and Alvin. :P

Laurels word said...

I'm afraid that Marjorie is going to come and burn our building down now. I could tell a funny story about Alvin, but once again, I think Marj would burn us down. I know, but I like making up funny names. I'm reading the Stephanie Plum novels (by Janet Evanovich) and Lula is this plus sized african american ex prostitute turned bounty hunter who cusses alot and is crazy. So, naturally I thought of you. hahaha

Laurels word said...

I just realized that I wrote a sentance that made no sense (surprise):I know, but I like making up funny names.

I meant, I know that everyone knows you're my crazazy neighbor, but I like making up funny names.

Jason said...

Hi Laurel! Thanks for commenting and letting me know that you like The Jason Show. I really appreciate it. And thanks for the shout out, too!

I've bookmarked your blog so I can come back again and read some for this insane neighbor that you love...she sounds great. We all need crazy people like this to make life fun.

Laurels word said...


Jason commented on my blog! I thought only Lula read it! Like I said, go check him out. I'm such a nerd (and proud of it)